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Sunday, April 4, 2010

time is just ticking away

Along with the swift countdown to the arrival of meatball a few other things have begun. For one, the insane dreams of things that are totally out of my control ( which I think is just me really feeling helpless about a few major worries in my life right now, some not even baby related) . Two, I feel like everything is old and dirty. EVERYTHING!! Crazy how it all of a sudden feels like your couch that you love to be lazy on is sooooo sub standard for a new baby to even be near. I am aware that there is nothing wrong with my furniture and all will be fine, it's just nesting madness trying to instill panic. Three, I feel like I hate every item of clothing can fit in. Which is not many. But I refuse to buy more items because wearing them for two months feels like such a waste of money. And that just triggered a rant:

Dear marketing teams in charge of Maternity Clothes,
I loathe you with the fiery passion of ten thousand suns. You mark up a pair of jeans past normal retail value of a non-maternity version of that same style. No remorse, no sympathy. We are left with no choice but to purchase your clothing because we are a widely overlooked demographic. We are funneled into your stores, as few there are. Or better yet, we walk past your ONE rack of maternity functioning rags at major merchants and sigh at the lack of selection or comfort. I despise the feeling of being robbed at gun point when I try to look online and see the "deals" are pathetic and if we were ever leery of purchasing any garment without trying it on, now would be the time.And to top it off we are at a stage where trying on clothes feels like a triathlon and we'd like sizes NOT to vary so much. It is a market without a heart for women without choice. We are forced to buy your overpriced threads which we wear for a limited time and these items cost us more than the outfits we buy for regular use that last us years!!! In closing, I hate you and the pockets in which you stuff my hard earned money that I make at the job that required I dress "un-sloppily" thus forcing me to shop, and in turn buy your items. Damn you.

P.s. Have more clearance sales and I will let up on the hate mail.

Yeah, so I really miss my pre-prego jeans. I have been visiting them and promising to bring them out of hiding within 6 months. It WILL happen.

I am off to clean the bathroom and hope to god Hal still believes in the Easter Bunny when she arrives here today. Or heaven help someone dashing my hopes. I hid too many eggs for this to be the year the blinders are taken off the kid.

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  1. Try Goodwill racks. Target donates their clearance and they have a lot of Maternity stuff... especially in your size :) The one off McGloughlin is the best for selection. I think I got over half my maternity wardrobe there!