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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morning rock a thon

I like to play music for my boy and sing along. I sound like a dying animal but the joy of joys is that he may actually like it. I do know that he has some excellent taste in good tunes. My tiny dancer is a fan of Brandi Carlile, Ben Harper and Bare Naked ladies. :) I can't help exposing him to some Brand New, Rush, Gym Class Heroes, Augustana, Metro Station, and The Weepies. I like that he kicks when I dance around, which I am sure is a comical sight for the crazy old neighbor lady. And oh baby when I put on a little Punk goes 80's it's a party up in here. I have probably lost my mind. A little baby stir crazy. I was starting to miss my socks-on-wood-floor dance offs. And then I stopped to think, why the heck can't I still do that? I am pregnant not handicapped. And so it was. When Kelly isn't around I groove to my music and shake it a little. :) Simple pleasures people. Don't act like you wouldn't hear a song on a commercial that you hadn't heard in sooooo long and then find it in itunes just to jam for a minute.That is what started this mess for me. I heard the last snippit of an old classic and then got into a whole playlist of excellent. What a way to jump into a great mood.

Now me and Kel and little are off to the doc. At least now I am in good spirits.

a little "ABC 123" never hurt nobody :)

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