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Friday, March 26, 2010

Doctor Awesome

Latest doctor appointment update. I promise after this serious nonsense I will go back to posting the crazy stuff again. I can't handle being serious for long anyhow. But this is great! Because we have a new doctor!!!! (crowd cheers, streamers fall from the sky and a marching band plays through) He is funny without being annoying, laughs at my jokes, takes my concerns seriously, and answers our questions on the same visit!!! Incredible compared to the other past tense no time for bedside manner doctor. He even thought my question about "if drinking Gatorade could influence Aidans growth" was not stupid. And said he'd never heard it before. He hopped online to find nutrition facts and weigh out sugar content. It was great!! I mean athletes drink it right? So I wondered if all those electrolytes were making my kid buff. Doctor Awesome did not laugh and shrug and say "I doubt it" and leave. He actually investigated it thoroughly. The outcome of our very long visit was good news. After many many measurements of brain, kidneys spine, femur, face, heart, ect. the result is just a big boy. No negative abnormalities. Dr. Awesome also did a new ultrasound that I had been creeped out by until we were in the middle of it and it dawned on me what I was looking at was my son. The 3d image can tell the doc more and abnormal features would show clearly. But no. My kid is wayyyyyyyy cute.


Kinda intense what technology can do now. The sides are cropped away so we can see his face thus a void. Looks like a clay baby sculpture. But still, I cried. The closest I will get to seeing his chubby cheeks till June. Kelly and I were arguing about who got to keep the picture at work. So they printed two.

He is 3 1/4 lbs (estimated of course) and in a massive amount of fluid. At this rate of growth he could easily be 9-10 lbs!!! And we have a chance of an early baby. As long as he isn't too early and he is healthy I don't care when he gets here. :) And Tiff may be happier not having to share her birthday after all.

I am overjoyed to have a new Doctor that we adore. And every person in his office is great. Considering I entered that appointment crying and sobbing like a crazy person because we got lost at the hospital and I was already worked up and nervous about the term Genetic Specialist. I was a mess and the girls there just ushered me into our room and even brought me juice! Now that is customer service. I felt like such an idiot for crying and carrying on. My least favorite thing to do is cry. I try very hard to keep it together, and even through pregnancy hormones I have managed to be pretty level with emotional meltdowns. So to bawl in front of a packed waiting room and blubber an apology for being late as I tried to check in was mortifying. Good thing everything after that was smooth sailing and wonderful people. They acted like it happens all the time. Which is a very good point. It does. Just what us first timers need to remember. We are Rookies, but this happens all the time.

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