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Monday, February 22, 2010

officially feeling fat

I am shocked at my body lately. I just never imagined I could become so round!! And at the last Doctor visit I was mildly shocked at the weigh in number. I cannot describe how being a string bean all my life has probably made this a pivotal moment for me. I MUST get back to running after this boy is born. I refuse to be a mommy statistic. So I have created a "get back to hot" wishlist for post baby recovery.

*New running shoes
*Tanning package
*Hair appointment for summer do
* New ipod (RIP ipod from 2001 that finally kicked the bucket)

This will get me back to feeling awesome and into a active routine to look awesome therefore fueling the feeling and making a healthy circle of action. Thank god for running strollers and rumor of breast feeding burning calories, and also for a husband that wants us both to be more healthy. Support is key.

I know I am gaining weight for a reason. But there isn't anything stopping me from walking during the day to be heart healthy while I pack it on slowly for Aidan. So now that weather is lovely and my sleep pattern is bit better I shall stroll daily for sanity sake. And besides, if I do cross the 200 lb mark I may die. That is at least 30 lbs of baby add on. I am 5'10 but still. It's more mental than anything. And I know it will not be a cake walk to get back to fit. So I am off to walk. :) Might even take the doggies if they are good.

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  1. Shannon! Breast feeding REALLY does help. My sister is actually thinner than her pre baby weight. :)