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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a few things hilarious

I have started to do some of the strangest things. Don't get me wrong, I have always been weird. But lately it's off more than normal. I blame the child. For example:

I become so deliriously tired that I barely make full sentences. Sometimes starting a story midway and not realizing I thought the beginning but had not said a word aloud till the middle. My poor husband is such a trooper that he just smiles and tries to follow along. Jokes are the worst of these situations. Usually just coming out as the start and then the punchline. To these my husband laughs to the point of tears which results in a few judo chops from me.

Also, I know need backup lights and a "HAZARD" sign. I have lost all depth perception and can no longer turn corners without taking out a hip or bonking my belly. I can't even begin to describe my lack of hand-eye coordination. Maybe I am just going blind? That would explain a whole lot of this crap. I will check into that. I can still feed myself so until that goes I will consider all of this temporary.

I am the person who remembers everything. I am that friend, the one who recalls the events and comments most would rather not be reminded of. And I can pinpoint where you left your keys on a dresser, under a towel last week. But now........I am starting to slip. Some things are not quite sticking. Just going right in one ear and out the other. I stand there squinting ( I don't know why that would help but I feel myself doing it) and strain my brain for the answer I should know to the question just asked of me. And voila!!!! It has been erased. Often times it returns at around 3am (please see the post about insomnia) which is not very useful at that time of morning, nor is the person I tarded out on even going to appreciate a text with the answer after all.

So. Needless to say I am not feeling like myself. Well, I guess I just feel like a stumbly, blabbering, forgetful......................OH WOW!! I now understand what it must feel like to be very old!!!!

Ok, so I guess I feel like I should be at Denny's enjoying a senior special and scratching off Lotto tickets. :)

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