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Where do I even begin? I am a 3o something part time working mom. I have a 12 year old step kiddo and a bio son who is 5. The mancub is full on crazy and I often blog about him or his antics. The almost tween is wise beyond her years and I blog about her when two-household syndrome takes hold of her little emotional being or when middle school drama is hilarious to my gown up mind. I am artsy with crafts and food and kid activities. I have a flock of feathered friends who reward us with daily eggs and tons of laughs. It's safe to say I have slipped dangerously close to crazy chicken lady status. My "mini farm" is my pride and joy every spring through late fall and I mourn it all winter while drawing new planting designs. It's a wild life of the Mom variety.

I started blogging when I was very newly pregnant. Mainly to inform all my loved ones of my life stuff without being on the phone all day everyday. If you want a crazy life story start at the start. You will know me better by the end than you may have wanted to.

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