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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sitting still is just so boring.

 The horizon is looking awesome as it does every spring. The air is sort of electric and it's way harder to hermit inside like a lazy lump. Blogging has been in the back of my mind and of course I have dozens of false starts on my phone saved to post asap. Always. But life is just happening and if my nose is in my computer I am doomed to miss it. There are some personal events that have come to pass even this early in 2015 that start to feel like forecasting a shitty year. But things like the impending doom of a special needs kindergarten class or Hal making poor choices and following bad leads, will not be allowed to set the tone. there are just too many great things that if ignored, would just be criminal. I am about to give you some good and bad like I used to. Which is my favorite way to just lay out the trash and the joy. Then I can just close this cyber beast and get back to l-i-v-i-n! I promise the good stuff will make you happy for me and also having you totally hooked in for the recap posts to follow in a month or so.

  Let's kick it off with the bad shall we?

  • The stepchild has chosen to side primarily with material things and pretty promises. I can't and won't let it bother me because I know she will mature at her pace and life will play out as it does for a teen. When all hell breaks loose and real parenting is needed, I am sure we all know who she will call.
  •  Aidan is being placed at a school really far away from our home. I am unsettled about it all. Everything about it.
  •  I am getting old and tweaked my back which knocked me out of work and on my ass for a couple weeks. I refuse to be one of those hypochondriac pill poppers so I am finding it annoying to sift through home remedies to feel comfortable.

Ok, now the better, longer list.

  • Our little farm is way ahead of schedule and just rocking with happy healthy veggies! 
  • I met another one of my food/nutrition heroes and had a super fun fangirl moment when she posted on IG how much she loved my pickles! mind.blown. Now if I could meet Alton Brown and be on Chopped my culinary bucket list would be complete.
  •  I am marinating on a new career path and there are all sorts of amazing things lining up for me now that I took the time to pause and look up. 
  • I am soon to be a published author. I will post and of course shamelessly plug the finished product asap but I will allow you to wonder; Is it an autobiography? Is it a sci-fi version of my life as a tormented step parent with a creepy single-white-female plot twist? ( lmao) Is it a RomCom? Is it an instruction manual that would be read like stereo instructions? Yeah right on the last one. TBA ya'll
  •  Two of my favorite people are to be wed this fall and I got all butterflies for them when I picked up my bridesmaid dress and it fits like a dream. Yep I will be dolled up in a dress. I will be in one wedding. This one is special to my heart because I set them up on a blind date. Just like a beloved friend set Kelly and I up all those years ago.
  • I get to see my klan, my crew, my crazy bitches from the west coast mafia that is #oceanssixteen!!!!! The next momcation is coming up soon and it really could not be a better time to unwind. Big shout out to the husbands who know this is necessary for our lady souls and thanks men for being so supportive and also for keeping our children alive while we are gone.

 Too much life goodness right now. I will always be happy when the lists are off balance in this way. Now back to sip my coffee in my garden and then do a little yoga. And frankly I am still going to post when I feel like I want to and not abandon the bloggity world completely. And if you don't like it Voldemort, don't read it.

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