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Monday, November 18, 2013

I just wanna read your diary. I can admit it.

 I didn't have a real finger on the pulse until I just surfed around a shitload of November posts that all said the same message. Here was the list of coincidences that made it click for my brain:

  • all Moms
  • all actively appreciative of motherhood
  • all crafters/crafty
  • all self employed/stay at home mommas
  • all sadly slightly fed up sounding about blogs
  • all feeling like they are ready for a wave of change

 Me too. I have more drafts started and paused than I do live posts this last few months. My head swims with real life and I wonder rarely if it's blog worthy. I stopped reading a few of my favorites because the life went out of them and the DIY took over. Don't get me wrong, I am HELLA into DIY. I guess talking it out via tutorials is feeling played out for me. We really do have pinterest at our fingertips for that. I want to know you all again. Read about all the nosey personal things I love about you and your family and your pets even! I need it to be personal. I need my people. My real life people. I gotta feel like I could be your neighbor or at least crazy parent buddy at school drop off/pick up.I know I am needy. But I also know that's what I want my readers to be too. So if I am not feelin it, I can't bring myself to post it.

 That being said, I do search out the tutorials I need because I refuse to take my sewing machine in for service to be told I threaded it wrong. Again. So YAY YOUTUBE!!! Whoop whoop!

 I know my motivation started lacking when life got way harder. And when my feelings started to get too heavy and the comedy felt forced. I try my damndest to laugh in dark times. Or I might die of heartache. My wants were quickly being overshadowed by my needs, no, not mine, my kids needs. As it should be of course. Blogging starts to feel selfish or even petty. And real fresh air sound so damn good when life gets crazy. A bright ass monitor and a blinking cursor can't often compete.

  I miss it. And I miss you, my bloggettes that are feeling what I am feeling. The doldrums are real. I hope we bounce back after some of this novelty blogging fades. I think it will. I feel this tangible vibe though and I am glad I wasn't alone but the fact that it's a catching thing is scaring me a bit. There is definitely a happy medium. There is something to be said about actually enjoying the craft while you make it, with real people and not just staging a perfect set of photos and looking forward to the blog post about said craft. And maybe we should lean more toward living without having our phones in our pockets at all times, like the olden days. Maybe we would enjoy moments more if we weren't busy filtering and cropping them. A little digital burnout is trending.

I will go back to jotting funny stories and posting them when I have time. There are some waiting I really should get to. I'll try if you'll try. I wanna read your diary again. I can openly confess it. And when spring rolls around and I post pictures of my garden, I want ya'll to be like "Damn Girl!! Nice Kale!". I want to get back to the normal blogging we had. OK? OK.

Love you, Mean it.

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