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Friday, July 12, 2013

It's an honor just to be nominated.

 I love the Q&A stuff so this is fun for me. I have really come to know a few of my lady friends solely from social media (Which seem super crazy right? Considering most of us are from the last generation who grew up spending free time outdoors drinking from a hose and not glued to an electronic devise). Learning more about my cyber social circle is awesome. Expanding that circle is even more awesome.

The scoop: The Liebster Awards are like a chain-letter. Kinda. Someone nominated you. You accept, and write your post (11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions from your nominator, and ask your recipients 11 questions), nominating several blogs that you enjoy to also receive Liebster Awards. New reads for everyone! Yay!

My nominator and longtime real life homeslice is Jenn Pfaus of
If you have not checked out her page you should. We rival in snark.

11 Facts about me:

1. When I was in my twenties I secretly hung out at libraries and bookstores and told my roommates I was out at bars drinking. Nerd. 

2. I should be more careful about how blunt I am but I am not sure if it's something I want to change about myself.

3. I cannot stand Will Smith. As far as I am concerned he will only ever have been the Fresh Prince.

4. I loved ( still love Hanson.

5. I am a really good listener and remember details like dates and names to the point it's creepy.

6. I have always thought I would make a good private investigator (see above).

7. My middle name is Dora. There, I said it. I also really hate my middle name.

8. I planned a big Foofy wedding and then said "Fuck it" and got married at our favorite pub and cut the guest list in half. Because I realized it was all for show and rapidly becoming everything I loathed.

9. My husband and I are the same height.

10. I love wrapping presents. I get a little crazy about it.

11.  I love love love scary movies. I love to be scared.

Questions from Jenn: 

1. Tell me about your best friend. Are you alike, how long have you been friends? Well, You are one of my few best friends, Jenn. We have serious mindlink when it comes to judging the ultra trashtastic. The words "really?" or "seriously?" followed by a look is often all it takes. And the other will reply with either laughter or "I know right". That is a standard conversation. We have been friends for years and years (I will be honest I always forget how long exactly But I feel like I was 25), roommates for a spell, and sisters from other misters for life.

2. What's the one talent you wish you had? Music. I wish I had learned an instrument as a kid. I always have envied those who can play the guitar or piano.

3. Are you a good driver? Yes. I tend to be a granny sometimes but I think it's fine. 

4. What's your worst habit?  Judging the trashtastic.

5. How has your blog changed over the years? It started as a maternity blog and has evolved into a lifestyle blog with some food and diy stuff but always with the same sass as the beginning. 

6. What trait of yours do you hope to pass down to your kid(s)? I hope they have my humor. I know Hal does. It's awesome to watch America's Funniest Home Videos with her. She cannot contain her blush or her Guffaw laugh when someone gets nut kicked or slips and goes ass over tea kettle. Aidan already has a pranky streak that the girl and I both see and encourage. 

7. Which trait would you rather they didn't inherit? I hope Aidan is more organized (Which I think he will be naturally with his autism. Blessing of it all) but I think Hal has to fight the creative scatter brained stuff like I do. Some of that is Nature AND Nurture. Bummer.

8. Fav song that makes you feel great, never fails to put you in a good mood? Natasha Bedingfield - Pocket Full of Sunshine

9. Are you superstitious? Oh yeah. I pretend not to be but yes. I also read my horoscope for the day every night before bed.

10. How did you meet your significant other? We were set up on a blind date. The only one I had ever been set up on because I was completely opposed to them. Only to find out we had been acquainted through friends about ten years before. Small crazy world.

11. If money were no object what's the one thing you would indulge in? A huge farm/vineyard life. Home grown everything forever. And all the wine.

My Questions for those nominated:

1. Realistically, do you think you have turned out like your mother? 

2. You are at a wedding. Poultry or Fish? 

3. The strangest thing you do when home alone?

4. If you had to chose one desert to eat and none others ever again, what would you choose? 

5. Did you have any names that didn't make the cut for your kiddos? What were they?

6. Looking back to high school what would you have been nominated "best_________"? 

7. What is your ideal family vacation idea? 

8. What is the furthest place from home you have ever traveled? 

9. What would you say your vice is?

10. Any task you dread doing more than just about anything? 

11. What do you think the weirdest phobia is?

I nominate these bloggers I super dig: 

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  1. Wow! I've never ever been nominated for anything. I got a task for naptime! Yay for not doing dishes!