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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Question Interview - Getting To Know Abby

  This lovely Momma and pal is a humorous real life writer over at and all around stand up gal. She is my first victim in the new edition that I thoroughly bit off of the old 10 Questions We Ask Everyone ( thanks Maxim). Mine might change but so far I love them. Here is Abby darling and her answers to my quandaries.

1) If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
I love the idea of selling everything I own and taking a sail boat on a tour arounf the world. The freedom and tranquility that comes with that is just amazing. I would love to see Australia, Russia & Fiji. 
2) Favorite food you can cook? 
I make a KILLER Macaroni and Cheese. It's my mom's recipe and she made it a lot when I was growing up. Total comfort food.

3) Favorite food you go out looking for? 
i am a sucker for desserts. I can bake OK but my expertise is limited to cakes and simple pastries. I can really appreciate a good, well executed dessert.

4) What or who inspired you to start your blog? 
I needed an outlet and I am inspired by so many awesome bloggers. I follow over 300 blogs of all sizes. Some of my favorites are; 
The Elsewhere Blog (
The Small Things Blog (
J's Everyday Fashion (

I often need an escape from my everyday life and blogging provides that for me. I enjoy writing for myself and need a creative outlet or else I go insane. 

5) When I read your blog, what should I picture you wearing? 
Hopefully one of the many outfits I feature! I love brainstorming and coming up with new outfit ideas - I love Polyvore! But Right now I am really into relaxing at home in black leggings and an oversize sweatshirt....Or anything polka dot. 

(side note from me: you should see some of the amazing outfits she posts about. go see. right now.)

6) OK, you are ten years old. Who is your idol? 
Ramona Quimby. 

7) Favorite song today?
  I'm SUCH a sucker for pop music and right now I have the following on my Spotify shuffle;
'I Will Wait' - Mumford & Sons
'Stay' - Rhianna
'One Love' - Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis
'Sad' - Maroon 5
8) Best (worst) idea for a new reality show?
 Tune in Wednesday nights at 8 and watch my 3 year old chase our kitten Harrison around our apartment!   You'd only see him about half the time - the other half he'd be hiding so it would just be hazel looking under the bed and stuff yelling "HAWWRRYYY! HAWRY! Mommy I think harry doesn't like me. I wanted to color him but now I can't find him." I think it would get a little boring after a while. 

9) Pet peeve? 
Leggings as pants. I don't mean under dresses, tunics or skirts - that's all fine. I mean, like. as pants where I can see the ENTIRE shape of your ass. Just leave a little to the imagination and just don't do it ok?

10) If you were a bug, on a wall, watching and event, what kind of bug would you be, where and what would you be witnessing? 
A lady bug (duh) in Johnny Depp's dressing room. 

Bravo ladyface. The last one gets three snaps Z formation. You wanna be interviewed? Gimme your email and it's on like Donkey Kong. And stay tuned for a weekly post from some of my favorite people. 


  1. Number 9 is totally my pet peeve too, please cover up your butt it's not cute! I love Abby's blog and I am so glad I found yours :)

    1. Thanks!! I am glad you found me too! :) reading yours right this minute.