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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


  Amazing morning! It it so rare that I cry. And even more rare that it is a joyful event that reduces me to tears. Aidan has the most wonderful team of teachers that come visit us. I know my boy is pleasant and sunny in demeanor, but it's every mothers dream to hear it from an educator. They regularly tell me how lucky I am that he is a happy boy. Even through frustrating tears and fits over complicated puzzles, he bounces back to a smile for them when he accomplishes something. I like to see the pride I feel so often on the face of his teacher when he blows her mind. Today was that kind of day. He had an absolutely stellar visit filled with words he usually won't say to more than me ( or sometimes to no one but himself in private). Games played with tolerable amounts of demanding power struggles. He showed spur of the moment affection to one of the gals and I watched her tough cookie east coast self melt and get a bit surprised as he hugged her so fiercely. Just a game changer of a visit.

  He has been backsliding for a few weeks with social behavior and language. Completely breaking my heart and spirit because we had been working so very hard and doing progressively better and better. I don't think any parent would be able to watch regression in their child and not feel utterly helpless. No cause, no solution. Just more work. From what felt like so many steps back. So many studies say that children have "leap weeks" after spells of rough behavior. Like it's prepping you for monumental stuff. The reverse of calm before the storm I guess. Well, it appears that my child has spells of alarmingly withdrawn and isolating quiet before going crazy with new growth!!! New teeth, new words ( of which he had one before this leap) new requests?! Incredible. He is doing things that an 18 month old would as far as some of his demands and actions and even fits. The learning is in the struggle. He is learning though. New, baffling, language gap bridging, learning. This is all hard to write sometimes because if you jump in now you'd think I was talking about a baby. If I am being honest I guess it feels like he is a baby sometimes. He is like a 12 month old mixed with a 4 year old. That's the only way I can describe it.

  He is not going to have the final "on paper" assessment of his placement on the autistic spectrum till June more than likely. Age three is more common for this. But, he is growing in the direction of speech. And, he responds with his teachers during activities that tell them he is ready for structure. He will begin a program next month as a pre-schooler for the first time. Ahead of our original plan with Early Interventions. Because for once, he is ready before we expected him to be. He blew our minds. This is something I have been dreaming of for so long. The kid who outsmarted the daycare. Who succeeds in private when he thinks no one is watching. Will be ready to have his own place in specialized schooling to get him on track for Kindergarten. Halleluiah!!

 My son cannot stop when he is told to. He cannot bring me his cup or toy or whatever, when asked. He doesn't speak more than 5 single words. He doesn't play with other children. But, he was rote counting to ten at 18 months. Could roll over at 11 days old. And stood from a sitting position in the middle of the room and took steps, probably because he was tired of crawling. There is a place for him to learn and grow that is a right fit. I am elated, relieved and so excited for this year.

I will now go have a serious snuggle fest with my lil' buddy and cry on his head more than likely while I think about how lucky I am.


  1. That is so Wonderful to hear. Brings tears to my eyes to read about children over coming the obstacles they face.

  2. This post warmed my heart. So happy for you.

  3. Awesome!! Remember, you facilitated his success! Give Aidan a high five from me, and pat yourself on the back too. You two were meant to be. <3

  4. Awwww this made me cry! I <3 you guys and admire your strength.