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Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday little wombat

On such a special morning the boy is in an especially energetic and upbeat mood. As I write this he is standing up clapping and grooving to Adele (this kid has serious rhythm). Our morning routine consists of VH1 music videos and this has been our time together since the day he was born. Kinda cool now that I reflect on it. I didn't really mean to make a habit out of it but the kid loves the music and is glued to the tube if there is a video of people playing instruments. Intrigued to say the least ( obsessed is more accurate). So, while I sip my coffee and he rocks out, a familiar song starts playing and I recognize it as Plain White T's and smile. It was a new summer hit this time last year when little meatball and I were in the hospital together recovering. That is where our VH1 dates began.

He is the big 1 today! Pretty incredible how time flies. I know every parent says that crap but really it does. One day you step back and look at your kid and it feels like he grew when you weren't paying attention. I did one of the things I swore not to ( I don't know why I continue to become "that mom" when I constantly vow to be different. It's like it's unavoidable). I looked back at my prego pictures and got all weepy. Not because I am just dying to be all pregnant again. NO WAY. But because I am insanely blessed and my miracle boy changed my world. Sure he is a lunatic that is really into yelling instead of actually forming words and developing any kind of vocabulary, but that too will come on faster than I realize I'm sure. This stubborn mancub mirrors me a bit ( a lot) and when he gives an evil smirk and a laugh it makes that one fat FAT summer well worth it.

I admit to spoiling the heck out of him. Because he is my only baby. He got insane presents the last couple weeks leading up to this day ( I am sure my home will look like Toys R Us threw up in it after his party tomorrow. I love it) and yes I know not every one year old needs a ball pit. But I like it. I like that I can play with him and pretend to be a monster that tackles him in a sea of bright colored plastic bubbles inside a whimsical tent with a pattern similar to a wonder bread wrapper. It's awesome. While he is a baby I will buy him whatever I feel like. Because when he gets old enough to beg for stuff I have a feeling it all will shift. I don't want a brat I just want a kid with a crazy wacky imagination that is fed by learning and pretend and a zillion books. And, a ball pit. And so far, a play structure with the swing/slide combo, a baby guitar, rocking bull that talks and sings, Pocoyo movies, and huge foam blocks. Yeah, I know. I don't want to look back when he is 16 and think " I wish I would have read more, sang more, danced more, played more....with him". So I spoil him with things, with my time, with play, with music, with everything. Because I can. I am so damn grateful to be able to have a baby to spoil.

I have a date with my best girl today too. I get to go help at her school for field day which is as much fun for me as it is for her. The close of 3rd grade is upon us. *sigh* Wow.

Then off to Aidan's one year appointment because I am kind of a jerk and scheduled him for shots ON his birthday. Mean Mommy. That's me.

The Grandpa; The title my dad uses when I get on him about all kinds of things. Use it in a sentence? Ok. " I get to. Because I am The Grandpa." So, even though I do a bunch for the kid, quite a bit of it is just me enabling the old man. But honestly he does have a point. And what kind of person would I be if I stood in his way ( and it keeps me from being the only spoiler. I can blame The Grandpa. hahaha).

Happy Birthday sweet boy. I love you more every minute of everyday.

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